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The Apostolic Kingdom is written to heighten the awareness of hungry saints who seek understanding of the nature, calling, grace and gifting of true apostles. We will see the model of the original apostles of the Lamb and later the apostles in the book of Acts as they walk in their commissioning preaching Christ’s Kingdom gospel. It is then that we see that the church was meant to partake of apostolic grace making them apostolic in their calling and nature.  Moreover, they are sent forth saints and believers in Christ. In the early church every believer was sent forth with five signs to convince a world of sinners that Jesus Christ truly was and is the Son of God and Savior of mankind. 
To better understand the apostle’s ministry and apostolic church concept, we must study their required experience of being baptized in the Holy Spirit and fire. We must embrace the message of preaching and teaching the present kingdom of God as a necessity for strong faith for the supernatural to become a common occurrence. God’s love demonstrated with acts of power will bring restoration of the image and dominion of God in man. 
The message and demonstration of the kingdom of God come to earth as it is in heaven is a divine announcement and display of glorious reformation on earth now and forever more

The Apostolic Kingdom

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